2013 Camry Coupe Shown At Daytona by Toyota President Akio Toyoda

About an hour before the final practice for the Daytona 500, there was one car circling the track.

It was camouflaged with a zebra-striped paint scheme, but there were plenty of people who knew exactly what it was doing out there. Toyota secretly unveiled its 2013 Camry at Daytona International Speedway on Saturday, showing off a two-seat prototype for company president Akio Toyoda.

Akio Toyoda

Toyota President Akio Toyoda

Toyoda and NASCAR driver Kyle Busch each turned 10 laps on the high-banked speedway in the new car.

“Although we didn’t show it today, the styling we want to really look like Camry, and I really hope that the fans of NASCAR would love it,” Toyoda said afterward.

Toyoda traveled from Japan to get a firsthand look at the company’s newest racing car, which officially will be unveiled May 22 in Salisbury, N.C.

Toyoda also toured Daytona International Speedway, met with Toyota drivers Michael Waltrip, Mark Martin, Clint Bowyer and Martin Truex Jr., and sat down with a few media members. He raved about the history of Daytona and said it was an honor to turn laps at NASCAR’s most famous track.

He also was interested in learning more about American racing.

 2013 Toyota Camry“As far as I am concerned this is the first time that I have come here and really seen it for myself,” he said through a translator. “However, I’ve been always interested in this great sort of a cultural event, the racing activity in the United States, which is really supported by many sponsors and fans.

“I was always interested in this. So this time I got to come here, and I haven’t really, you know, seen everything on the ground yet. But it’s like a part of a lifestyle, which is really supported and enjoyed by so many people, and I think it’s wonderful.”

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